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Together, we will build stronger, more connected and resilient communities where every one can thrive.


Creating a fairer and progressive tax system to develop a sustainable local economy.

  1. Win a $25/hr minimum wage for big corporate chains operating in Prince George's county.

  2. Spur small business development by establishing a county-backed health care plan.

  3. Provide technical assistance, educational outreach, and seed funding to cultivate local worker co-op conversions or start-ups.

  4. Advocate for use of union labor and community workforce agreements in county construction projects.

  5. Establish worker boards in Prince George's county to help boost wages, end race/sex pay gap, and strengthen worker protections in key local industries.

  6. Develop green job training.

  7. Ensure that all private businesses operating in Prince George's County set up the automatic-enrollment retirement savings program established through Maryland Small Business Retirement Savings Board.

Because we all need it and it's an essential part of a healthy, functioning community.

  1. Increase available grants for increasing wages of child care providers.

  2. Advance policies that help child care workers unionize.

  3. Expand criteria for child care subsidies to include middle-income families.

  4. Create the office of Prince George's County Family Care that will manage and implement these priorities:

    • 8 weeks of paid family leave for anyone working within the county.

    • High-quality, county-operated childcare facilities with flexible scheduling and inclusive care options for children with disabilities.

End runaway development and prioritizing profits over the housing needs of working class Prince Georgians and the environment.

  1. Implement stricter laws to significantly limit suburban sprawl and deforestation of our natural areas.

  2. Develop county-owned off-market apartments in areas with the highest need.

  3. Significantly increase eviction filing fees on landlords.

  4. Limit rent increases to once a year and provide a 6-month notice of the increase to tenants.

  5. Invest in community land-trusts to:

    • Develop quality affordable homes to purchase at off-market rates.

    • Create more senior housing and assisted living facilities.

  6. Build based on a green strategy that ensures new developments are  easily accessible to mass transit and does not lead to flooding.

We need transportation policy that effectively supports multi-generational living and reduces our environmental impact.

  1. Help establish county grant program to transition resident and county vehicles to electric.

  2. Extend the Green Line to reach the furthest parts of south county.

  3. Support the Southern Maryland Rapid Transit Project.

  4. Extend bus routes 36 and 51A/B to cover most rural parts our district and electrify the bus system.

  5. Add more light and pull-off areas along MD 373 and Piscataway Rds.

  6. Fare-free mass transit with improved service/frequency to reduce traffic and pollution.

  7. Build more bike lanes to encourage biking over using personal vehicles.

  8. Restructure Senior Transportation Services and Metro Access to make a free-ride share program for the entire district.

Access to clean energy and utilities is a human right and basic societal need. Public ownership is our best guarantee to getting and maintaining quality, affordable access for everyone.

  1. Bring energy and water utilities under public ownership to bring down overall costs for residents and ensure high level of energy efficiency.

  2. Work with stakeholders across the county to transition clean energy sources.

  3. Establish municipally-owned broadband to ensure every person has access. This would also generate billions in revenue for the county. EX: Chattanooga, TN; Lafayette, LA; Fort Collins, CO.

  4. Develop energy usage reduction programs and strengthen protections for our water systems.

  5. Levy massive fines on commercial polluters in the county.

  6. Pioneer bulk-buy renewable energy programs for municipal buildings and residential housing.

We need to build power locally through direct democracy, transparency, and accountability.

  1. Develop stronger accountability and civic participation mechanisms by creating resident commissions in each city in District 9.

  2. Advocate for ranked-choice voting and open primaries.

  3. Establish a participatory budgeting process allowing residents to vote on budget allocations for district-specific projects of their choosing.

Close collaboration with the Board of Education counterpart is essential for achieving greater outcomes that our students need and communities demand.

  1. Advocate for expansion of School Based Wellness Centers with priority given to school districts with significant Latino populations.

  2. Establish new standards for online education that must be consistently applied across all Prince George's County public schools.

  3. Support removal of school resource officers and replace with staff trained to deescalate conflicts and greater investment in wrap-around services.

  4. Invest in green retrofits for all county public schools and embrace Green New Deal for Schools priorities.

  5. Develop a tuition-free college program with Prince George's Community College. Program would be available to DREAMers and adult undocumented residents. EX: Excelsior Scholarship, NYC


We need a comprehensive public option that's acessible to all.

  1. Create more public options for primary, pre-natal and preventative health clinics that includes access to: mental health, doulas, mid-wives and other non-traditional maternal care services.

  2. Ensure that incarcerated people in Prince George's County have full access to comprehensive health care.

  3. Strongly advocate for the passage of Medicare for All act.

We need systemic solutions to eliminate school and medical debts

  1. Develop needs assessment criteria and strategy and create a relief fund by the next budget cycle.

  2. Support broader advocacy efforts to systematically eliminate student and medical debts.

We're not just the public. We are a connected community and what happens to one affects us all.

  1. Enforce stricter speeding penalties.

  2. Eliminate the money bail system.

  3. Greater investment in drug treatment programs.

  4. Create a citizen oversight board to participate in disciplinary reviews of police who've engaged in abuse and misconduct.

  5. Increase funding to emergency services, like fire departments and EMS.

  6. Greater investment in community service programming that exposes juvenile offenders to farming, emergency service support, and the arts as an alternative to incarceration.

  7. Create a district agency to respond to wellness checks, mental health crises, and domestic disturbances.

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